Kerala's Traditional Kozhuva Curry or Natholi Curry Simple Method

Nadan Kozhuva Pollichathu  or Traditional Natholi Curry



   1.      Kozhuva (Natholi) - 500 gms
   2.      Small onions – 8 nos 
   3.      Ginger - 2 inch(crushed)
   4.      Green chillies – 5(crushed)
   5.      Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
   6.      Crushed Red Chilli powder - 2 Tbsp 
  7.      Curry leaves – 2 twig
   8.      Vinegar - 2 Table spoon
   9.       Tomato small size – 1 nos (chopped)
   10.   Coconut Oil – 1/4 table spoon
   11.   Water 1 cup
   12.   Salt as required.

Tips – Crushed redchilli powder is very suitable for this curry.







Preparation Method  

1.      First we can make gravy shown in the picture below - crush the onions with crushed red chilli powder very well.
     2.       Heat coconut oil in a deep pan, and add the above crushed onion and chilli powder
    3.      Stir well for 5 seconds until the raw smell of onion and red chilli disappears.
    4.      Then add tomato, salt and vinegar stir well again 5 seconds until the raw smell of the tomato and vinegar disappears.
    5.      Add water and allow it to boil in high flame.
    6.      Add fresh and cleaned Kozhuva or Natholi  again boil the mixture for 5 minutes in high flame.
    7.      Then add crushed green chillies, crushed ginger, curry leafs and 1 table spoon raw coconut oil allow to boil in few seconds in low flame.

Our Traditional Kozhuva Curry is ready , we can use it with rice or chappathi.

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